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Kidz'n'Power is a nationally-recognized program which teaches critically-important safety skills to your child.

Corvallis Karate for Kids has two ways to bring this outstanding free program to your child:

  • Our staff will bring the Kidz'n'Power program at no charge to your student's classroom. This presentation includes a free Kidz'n'Power 3-DVD video for the teacher's classroom as well as a free Amber Alert™ ID kit for each child in the class.
  • Or, you may come with your child to the Corvallis Karate for Kids training center at 400B SW 4th Avenue in Corvallis for the same free seminar and Amber Alert™ ID kit.

Contact Corvallis Karate for Kids directly at 752-3220 for this free service.

The Kidz'n'Power program covers important topics of child safety:

  • Becoming Aware: Expert testimony by Law Enforcement and Child Safety Experts
    • Predators
    • Four Rules of Personal Safety
    • Some Basics you and your child should know
    • Things parents should know
    • Preventive measures
    • How to talk to kids about predators
    • Reaching out to teens
  • Taking Action: Expert testimony by Special Forces Trainers and Police Instructors
    • "S. L. A. P."
    • Strike Only as a Last Resort!
    • A-B-C's of Conflict
    • Escape Techniques
  • Internet Safety: Expert testimony by Law Enforcement Specialists and Sociologists
    • Your Child and the Internet
    • Internet Statistics
    • Reasons teenagers go online
    • Web strangers
    • "ICAC" — Internet Crimes Against Children
    • Techniques Predators Use
    • How a parent or child can spot clues that a predator is at work online
    • Chat Rooms
    • Getting Web-Educated
    • Monitor Software

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