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Testimonials from our students, their parents, their teachers and others

Christy Toretto, Pre-K Teacher at Zion Lutheran school, writes,
  "The first week of school is tough for new students. New teachers, new classrooms and new rules all make it hard. Last week at Zion we had several new students. One student in particular helped make this transition a lot easier for some of those new kids. Kyle Sutherland was a great mentor to students that did not know what to do. Not only did he lead by excellent example, but he also helped by holding the hand of new students as we walked in and outside from playground time. Because of Kyle's leadership we have decided to make this a new policy; Student Mentoring, where we will team new students up with older students for the first week of school. Thank you Kyle!!!"
An exchange with Bob Pleu, owner of Corvallis ATA / Karate for Kids:
  As I am sitting at my desk a younger student said,

"Mr. Pleu, I like you. You are just like my Dad."

I asked him, "Is it because of my gray beard?"


"Is it about my large belly?"

"Yeah, but mostly it's because you're kind, like my Daddy."

In the 6 years we have been in business this is the highest, most respectful compliment I have received.

   — Bob Pleu

A note from Russ Harris and Jeannette Cunningham:
  Hi Bob,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how incredibly happy we are with your program. My wife and I have two girls enrolled, ages 9 and 11. Both kids have been involved in numerous sports programs including horseback riding, ballet, soccer, cross country, dance and basketball. Although they were happy to get the chance to participate, they never felt the way they do know about themselves and the ATA program.

Your motto, "Yes I Can" exemplifies the feelings our children have now that they've enrolled in the Black Belt program you provide. It's not just physical activity that makes them feel good, it's the attitude and mind-set that ATA gives them no other sports could offer.

My wife and I are teachers. We know how important respect and discipline help kids grow in so many ways. We are very pleased with the instructors that demand both, and, at the same time praise and encourage them to reach their potential.

Thank you so much for providing our kids with a positive, caring environment that empowers them, gives them control over their body and mind in firm yet gentle instruction.

They love it!!!

Russ Harris/Jeanette Cunningham

Another testimonial has crossed our desk unsigned:
  Dear Mr. Pleu,

I would like to tell you a most remarkable story of a 7 year old boy who by chance is attending classes at your school.

This young gentleman lives with only his mother and younger sister, who is 2. They do not have any close family and these times of great need or trials this family pulls together and supports each other.

Last week this young gentleman's sister became quite ill and he instead of doing / being as a regular 7 yr old helped his mother with any and every thing he could. Then the unthinkable happened his mother became very ill as well. So when he wasn't able to come to classes for 2 days he was upset only briefly and then right after he was told, he promptly asked his mom what he could do to help out and then told her that he will help her as he could.

This young gentleman went on for a total of 3 days to care for not only his sister but his mother as well.

I know that at your school you all try to instill the "Black Belt" way of life and living. So by now you are most likely wonder why I'm telling you all of this. Well it is my thought and feeling that this young 7 yr old gentleman has gone far above and beyond the "Black Belt" way of living.

I was wondering if possible / or how this young gentleman could be honored for the deeds he has done. I firmly believe that he needs too be not only recognized but celebrated for what he has done.

So, I thought I would write to you and bring it to your attention and felt you were the best person to handle this.


P.S. The young gentleman's name is Tristin Hoadley

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