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While training in Songahm Taekwondo, each student focuses not only on the physical skills he or she must learn, but also important skills that will help lead to personal success in life. This aspect of our Taekwondo and philosophy is just as important to us as kicking high or breaking boards. What good is physical fitness and the ability to defend yourself if you aren't prepared to live your life and be successful while doing so?

Life Skills

We have several "sets" of these Life Skills, one each for Color Belts, Black Belts, and Leadership. To give you an idea of how these Life Skills integrate into our training, take a look at our Color Belt Life Skills.

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." —Napoleon Hill
  1. Practice - Anything you do will improve when you try extra hard.
  2. Self Image - Positive self image will improve your attitude.
  3. Visualization - Use your imagination to see yourself accomplish something.
  4. Stand Tall - Body language is as loud as your voice: use it to send a good message.
"Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?" —Author Unknown
  1. Positive Thoughts - Believe in yourself!
  2. Resolve - Make up your mind to finish what you start.
  3. Expectation - Set high standards for yourself and set the example for your peers.
  4. Willpower - The power of your mind drives you to success.
"Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan." —Tom Landry
  1. Specific - Know exactly what you want and how to achieve it.
  2. Motivating - Keep a positive attitude and believe in yourself.
  3. Achievable - Set high goals and develop steps to make it easier to reach them.
  4. Relevant - Remember why your goal is important to you.
  5. Trackable - Make sure that you can measure how you are progressing.
"Respect is something that is earned, not commanded." —Patrick Lewis
  1. Manners - Show others that you value them by being polite.
  2. Follow the Rules - When everyone acts within the guidelines there is harmony.
  3. Communicate - Listen to gain understanding, talk to clarify your thoughts.
  4. Thoughtful - Think of another person's needs before your own.
Self Esteem
"Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass on ourselves." —Nathaniel Branden
  1. Unique - You are special and unlike anyone else in the world!
  2. Brave - Dare to be different: conformity is boring.
  3. Proud - Act in a way that will make you feel worthy of honor and respect.
  4. Appreciate - Recognize your value and believe in your potential to succeed.
"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." —Albert Einstein
  1. Diligent - Always pay attention to the task at hand.
  2. Consistent - Perform to the same standards every time you do a task.
  3. Tenacious - Never give up!
  4. Drive - Force yourself to do your very best every time!
"Don't waste time calculating your chances of success and failure. Just fix your aim and begin." —Guan Yin Tzu
  1. Concentrate - Use all your energy and thoughts to accomplish a single purpose.
  2. Train Hard - Working on the one thing that is most difficult will make it your best skill.
  3. Expectation - Prepare for the best outcome and you will get nothing less.
  4. Foresee - Believe in your ability to reach that goal by imagining the future result.
"With self-discipline all things are possible." —T. Roosevelt
  1. Self-Control - When you know what you're supposed to do AND you do it!
  2. Leadership - Set a good example for others.
  3. Responsible - You are in charge of your actions and feelings.
  4. Plan - Make a map for your goals and stick to it until you achieve them.
"Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching." —Jim Stovall
  1. Honesty - You always tell the truth.
  2. Character - The positive, unique qualities that make you the person you are.
  3. Trustworthy - Everyone knows they can depend on you to do the right thing.
  4. Conviction - Standing up for what you believe in.

Student Etiquette
  1. Students and instructors will bow to the flags each time they enter or leave the classroom area to demonstrate respect to the instructors and fellow students.
  2. If students are late for class, they should ask permission to enter class. Permission must be obtained to leave the classroom for any reason.
  3. All students must turn in their tracking card for each class.
  4. Students will respond "Yes/No, Sir or Ma'am" in conversation with their instructors, stand respectfully, and address them by their last name and proper title.
  5. Students will turn away from instructor or opponent when adjusting uniform and belt.
  6. Students are encouraged to participate in class enthusiastically, however, they are to avoid unnecessary conversation.
  7. No student, regardless of rank, may instruct or correct another student without permission from the supervising instructor.
  8. A clean uniform is imperative in each class as a reflection of the students pride.
  9. Female students must wear a white t-shirt under their uniform.
  10. Students will not wear shoes on the workout floor.
  11. No jewelry shall be worn in class except for a wedding ring.
  12. All belts should be tied to hang evenly, as one side represents the mind, and the other side represents the body.
  13. Students may not engage in free sparring without all proper gear and direct supervision of the instructor.
  14. There will be no use of profanity on the school premises at any time.
  15. Permission of the student's instructor is required before a student may attend another ATA school or martial arts function.
  16. High ranking visitors to the class should be greeted with appropriate respect; if class is in session, all members should immediately stop and bow.
  17. Students, parents, and guests will not converse with any person involved in a class session without permission from the instructor.
  18. No food, drink, or gum may be consumed in the center.
  19. Place clothes neatly and quietly in the locker room. (School or club owner is not responsible for lost or stolen articles)

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